Thursday, June 12, 2014

I really don't have any idea what to write here. What I know its been months and months again or even years since I shared something really personal here. Ever since I got hooked with Instagram I stop blogging but rather let my pictures tell the stories I meant to write.

Sometimes laziness is the culprit or lack of motivation or just simply... I don't have anything interesting to say.

Since leaving Iloilo my life have been pretty much boring. But I was able to rest and get that much needed vacation. Vacation from work. Almost one year since I left my last employer and now I'm back in the nitty gritty life of being a call girl! Hahaha! Mind you this is not what you might think it is. Hahaha!

Being domesticated bore me to death. Being a housewife is not complete if you don't have kids to take care of. Unforetunately our one year of trying to have one failed. We decided to just stop pressuring ourselves. If it is for us then it will come otherwise there are many options out there.

Being back in the workforce did made our relationship a little bit interesting again. Now we have a lot of things to share before going to bed. What I enjoy most is when I brag about my achievements although I'm fairly new with the account. Just one month old! It feels good that I didn't lose my charisma after all. Hahaha! Being busy for five days makes you look forward to weekends wherein you'll spend it with someone you really missed. Movie dates or dinner dates became more worth it. I learned not to take it for granted. And miss the days when we were working under one company. But then again, that gets to be boring too....

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Authentic Havaianas

Selling some of my Havaianas Collection on

They are part of my collection 2006 - 2008 and I have collected over a hundred 
and hubby thinks I need to dispose them as as soon as possible because it is too much! Hahaha!!!



Monday, January 14, 2013


Been soooo tired. Dog tired. Bored and unhappy with work. You can say total burn out. I want to go back to Manila. I want to resign and be normal again. Sleep normal... Hay... I miss my friends. I miss Manila so much... :(

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sabi nila pag nanggago ka, gagaguhin ka rin. Aray ko naman! Lolz! But I guess, to simply put it, that's KARMA. And I think you deserve it. Bleh! Buti nga sayo! Lol!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Nakakaiyak ang stress... Huhuhu!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

i miss this... :(


It's been a long while.

So busy with office work I hardly had time to update this blog.  :(



A Life changing experience. I LOVE IT. I'm going to miss it. I will miss the people, the places, the life we've built in past eight months. The experience it taught us. I will never exchange it for anything. As this is the place where we grew close as a couple. I matured as a person, a friend and a wife.


We came here December of last year as part of the SWOT team to support/pioneer a new campaign. Before we left we had our interview as we also applied as Team Leads for the same campaign. We didn't know if we're going to get it or not but we had our fingers crossed and hoped for the best. After the first wave was launched, February, the verdict was given, we both got the position! Both happy and scared at the same time. But I know we still have our learning curves and by God's grace we will survive and conquer this new responsibility. And yes we did.

We were given a week to go back to Manila to get some of our things and come back here and start a new life. Everything was surreal. I was ecstatic and sad at the same time. I felt I'm leaving so much behind. As per my boss said, they have everything you need here, not much of a choice though, but they have what you need. True, it is much more simpler here.

Life is simple. No traffic (well, compared to Manila). No stress. Not much of pollution. No flood. Taxi are easy to get even if it's raining! No worries. People are nice. I felt safe. I'm even riding the jeepney coming from work. Hahaha! and I really love it! I would walk from our apartment to the market. Yes, I do the market and I know now how to buy things and haggle and most importantly, I now know how to cook. Hubby taught me... :) My adobo and tinolang manok are even better than his! Hahaha!

Here, I learned to be independent. If you want something done, you do it yourself. If you want something to eat, you cook it yourself. If you don't move your ass, laundry will pile up and you don't have anything to wear the next day. If you feel homesick, you suck it up and move on. Hahaha! Iloilo indeed taught me a lot, things I took for granted because I know someone is waiting on me to do the things I'm too lazy to do (our angels back home).

As a couple, we learned new things everyday from each other. We learned to compromised. We learned to take care of each other. And it is so nice that no one controls our decision and we are so far away from prying eyes. It feels good. It felt good. The only scary part is that, if something happens, we only have each other, we don't have our families here to support us. But that's okay. It's all part of it. :)



Good or bad?

Just recently news were circling around the office that all Manila team leads will be sent back to Manila to head a new campaign. There were only six team leads left. We both volunteered but we're not sure yet of when and how. Honestly, homesickness is driving me to say yes but when I look at it as a big picture, I'm half-hearted and so does he.

Are we ready to give up a life we already built? A quiet and simple life.

Are we ready to go back to the jungle? The traffic, flood, reality of "the city".

One will be leaving this Saturday, two others by September 3, next batch we don't know yet.

Ooohh... I don't know. That's why I'm asking for a sign. A big sign for us to return. I know it will be another big change for us. A huge change.

I can't think how to pack our things yet again. Sell some of our stuff as it will be too expensive to ship them back to Manila - aircon, fridge, TV and our gas stove. Thank God we didn't buy the sala set or cabinet I wanted and a washing machine!

Another thing is that we haven't been to Boracay yet! And I wanted to explore so many beaches here in the Visayas Region. Bummer! So many things to do yet such short time.

I will miss the office. The people I've worked with and of course my ever dearest team. I will miss our neighborhood. Our very very very kind landlord. Who's been really accommodating with all of our request, who's always smiling (not to say good looking as well), Kuya Vern and his brother-in-law Dr. Suiquian.


Travel date? We don't have it yet. But we know it is inevitable.


For now, every time I have a chance to travel along the roads of Iloilo, I can't help but smile. I try to memorize each and every road we pass by, the people, the places. Iloilo will always remain in my heart.

Thank you! Thank you so much for everything. For being good to us.


It will not be long.

Homeward bound...

For the meantime....

Halong! ♥