Thursday, June 12, 2014

I really don't have any idea what to write here. What I know its been months and months again or even years since I shared something really personal here. Ever since I got hooked with Instagram I stop blogging but rather let my pictures tell the stories I meant to write.

Sometimes laziness is the culprit or lack of motivation or just simply... I don't have anything interesting to say.

Since leaving Iloilo my life have been pretty much boring. But I was able to rest and get that much needed vacation. Vacation from work. Almost one year since I left my last employer and now I'm back in the nitty gritty life of being a call girl! Hahaha! Mind you this is not what you might think it is. Hahaha!

Being domesticated bore me to death. Being a housewife is not complete if you don't have kids to take care of. Unforetunately our one year of trying to have one failed. We decided to just stop pressuring ourselves. If it is for us then it will come otherwise there are many options out there.

Being back in the workforce did made our relationship a little bit interesting again. Now we have a lot of things to share before going to bed. What I enjoy most is when I brag about my achievements although I'm fairly new with the account. Just one month old! It feels good that I didn't lose my charisma after all. Hahaha! Being busy for five days makes you look forward to weekends wherein you'll spend it with someone you really missed. Movie dates or dinner dates became more worth it. I learned not to take it for granted. And miss the days when we were working under one company. But then again, that gets to be boring too....

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